Simulating age-related macular degeneration

University of St Andrews

Past award

Student: Deborah Moffat : University of St Andrews

Year Award Started: 2015

People with Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) have a progressive visual loss, starting in the
middle of their visual field. Increasingly, they must learn to see and read by looking out of the
corner of their eye. Training can help people use off-centre vision, but it is hard work and
unrewarding. Our goal is to develop a mobile, games-based system for the regular training of vision.
We need to design and develop engaging games, yet designers lack the insights required to design
for low vision clients. By testing and validating the ‘simulation specs’ we can deliver a low cost
means of empowering designers to create.

Research area: Other conditions


Professor Julie Harris
School of Psychology and Neuroscience