Plastic scintillator and SiPM array for the laparoscopic detection of beta decays from tumour margins

University of the West of Scotland

Past award

Student: Blair Rocks : University of the West of Scotland

Year Award Started: 2017

The most reliable method with which to ensure that a cancer is cured, is for the malignant tissue to be completely excised by a surgeon. Complete removal is typically ensured by visual inspection of the excised tissue by a pathologist post surgery. This project aims to provide the surgical oncologist with a tool to detect tumour remnants immediately following excision. The proposed device will be composed of a radiation detector made from plastic scintillator which can be hand-held or mounted on a laparoscopic instrument. The preferential up-take of beta-emitting radioisotopes by malignant tumours means tumour remnants can be distinguished from normal tissue in vivo.

Research area: Cancer


Dr David O'Donnell
School of Engineering and Computing