Patients’ experiences of Transient Ischaemic Attack diagnosis, and motivation to be involved in secondary prevention for stroke: a qualitative review

Glasgow Caledonian University

Past award

Student: Loukia Gkanasouli : Glasgow Caledonian University

Year Award Started: 2017

Every year in the UK 55,000 people have a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). 5,500 of them will go on to have a stroke. Stroke may cause lifelong disability and dependence. To lower the risk of stroke after TIA people can make healthy changes, like being more active or stopping smoking. But, we do not know how best to help people to make these changes after TIA. So, we will gather together research about people’s experiences of TIA. What we learn from that research will help us design a resource that may help people live longer, healthier lives after TIA.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Dr Maggie Lawrence
Nursing and Community Health