PAR2 in COPD-induced artery dysfunction: influence of hypoxia and oxidative stress

University of the West of Scotland

Past award

Student: Abdurahman Ali : University of the West of Scotland

Year Award Started: 2018

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is an incurable lung condition and a leading cause of death. Moreover, COPD increases the risk of the cardiovascular disorders pulmonary hypertension and stroke. The link between COPD and vascular disease is not known but inflammation is a likely key mediator. Our research group has expertise in investigating a cellular protein called PAR2, known to have a novel and profound role in inflammation. A role for PAR2 as a link between COPD conditions and vascular dysfunction has not been explored and may identify a hitherto unknown mechanistic link (and putative therapeutic target) between the disorders.

Research area: Other conditions


Dr Andrew Mackenzie
School of Science & Sport