Novel insights of hyperthermia induced effectiveness of braf-targeted therapy in malignant melanoma

Heriot Watt University

Past award

Student: Angeline Maher : Heriot-Watt University

Year Award Started: 2016

At an early stage, malignant melanoma can be cured but when progressed to the metastatic stage many patients do not respond to current systemic therapies. Thus, there is a great need for strategies to improve existing therapeutic regimens. Vemurafenib & Dabrafenib are drugs targeting the BRAF gene and consequently have improved overall patients’ survival. Hyperthermia represents the forth mostly exploited modality in cancer treatment and many studies support its significant therapeutic potential. We will aim to determine the potential of hyperthermia in potentiating therapeutic effectiveness of Vemurafenib & Dabrafenib as targeted therapies in malignant melanoma. In the context of personalised medicine, this is of paramount importance as it provides a way for more efficient and less toxic therapies for the management of the disease.

Research area: Cancer


Professor Mihalis Panagiotidis
School of Life Sciences