Multisensory shape perception – clinical implications

University of Stirling

Past award

Student: Catherine Bolton : University of Stirling

Year Award Started: 2015

The sophistication and complexity of human behaviour relies on the ability to integrate information
across multiple senses. Such multisensory perception is impaired in some clinical populations, such
as those on the autistic spectrum, chronic alcoholics and Alzheimer’s. Multisensory stimulation is
also used as an effective therapeutic technique for many conditions, including dementia. Recent
research has revealed much about the mechanisms in the brain that govern multisensory abilities.
Currently, however, there are no suitable tests for the clinical assessment of multisensory abilities.
This project shall develop a test for multisensory shape perception, aimed at assessing multisensory
integration in a clinical setting

Research area: Neurological conditions (including stroke)


Dr Ross Goutcher
Division of Psychology