Modelling 3D dynamic mental representations of facial expressions of emotion in the ageing brain

University of Glasgow

Past award

Student: Sara Wagner Valladolid : University of Glasgow

Year Award Started: 2013

Over a lifetime, the brain ages as dramatically as the body (Grady, 2008), resulting in the decline of the basic but essential task of interpreting social signals. With an increasingly ageing population, it is therefore imperative to understand this group´s complexities of emotion communication. Using a unique 3D computer graphics platform and reverse correlation technique uniquely developed Glasgow University (Yu et al., 2012), we will model dynamic mental representations of facial expressions (e.g., Jack et al., 2012, PNAS) of ageing individuals. Here, we gain unique access to the “minds eye” of individuals across the lifespan, with implications for therapeutic interventions.


Research area: Other conditions


Dr Guillaume Rousselet
Institute of Psychology and Neuroscience