Isolation and pharmacology of proteins and peptides affecting the cardiovascular system isolated from Bitis nasicornis, the rhinoceros horned viper:an insight into hypertension

Univesrity of Strathclyde

Past award

Student: Nicole Jackson : University of Strathclyde

Year Award Started: 2016

High blood pressure is an important medical condition and a better understanding of the causes of this condition is important. Venom from B. nasicornis (rhinoceros horned viper) has been shown to cause an increase in blood pressure by an unknown mechanism. We aim to isolate the molecule responsible for this increase in blood pressure and then attempt to gain an insight into its mechanism of action as this may underlie some of the causes of hypertension. If in fact a novel target is identified this could be exploited to reverse increases in blood pressure in humans.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Dr Edward Rowan
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences