Investigating the unexpected metabolic actions of ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM)

University of Dundee

Past award

Student: Tsz Li : University of Dundee

Year Award Started: 2018

ATM is a protein involved in DNA repair, helping to protect against development of cancer. However, in a genetic study we found that ATM is also involved in the response to the most commonly used Type 2 diabetes drug, metformin. There are potent drugs for ATM available for cancer, and so we plan to use them to investigate what part of diabetes, and its treatment, ATM influences. Metformin only works in around half of people with diabetes, so knowing more about how it works may help develop new therapies for people who currently can’t use metformin.

Research area: Metabolic or endocrine conditions


Dr Calum Sutherland
School of Medicine