Inhibition of macrophage colony-stimulating factor- 1 (CSF-1) and CSF-1 receptor signalling as a novel medical treatment for tubal ectopic pregnancy

University of Edinburgh

Past award

Student: Eunice Ter : University of Edinburgh

Year Award Started: 2017

Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is defined as an embryo development outside the womb. It is potentially lethal if left untreated. It can either be surgically removed or treated medically with methotrexate, which is highly toxic and can lead to multiple side effects. Thus, the aim of my project is to explore a novel and safer therapeutic target for ectopic pregnancy that may avoid costly surgical management. Specialized cells, macrophages, together with a protein called Colony stimulating factor-1 (CSF-1), helps develop the ectopic embryo. By analysing GW2580, a specific drug, which inhibits CSF-1, it can potentially kill the ectopically implanted embryonic cells.

Research area: Other conditions


Professor Andrew Horne
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health