Does increased expression of SUR2A affect cardiac action in vivo?

University of Dundee

Past award

Student: William Clackett : University of Dundee

Year Award Started: 2016

SUR2A is a protein serving as a part of ion channels in the heart known as KATP channels. We have recently found that an increase in SUR2A throughout the body increases physical endurance as well as heart resistance to the heart attack. We have devised strategies to increase SUR2A in a clinically viable way, but it is yet unknown whether increased SUR2A would have any (adverse) effects on car-diac action. The first thing that we plan to assess is whether increased SUR2A would affect heart rate at rest and under different levels of physical activity. To do that, we will apply a recently developed methodology known as telemetry that will be used to continuously monitor cardiac action for sever-al days in normal mice and genetically-modified mice that have increased levels of SUR2A.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Professor Aleksandar Jovanovic
Molecular and Clinical Medicine