The effect of malnutrition on pneumonia mortality in children under 5 in low and lower middle income countries: A systematic review and metanalysis

University of Edinburgh

Past award

Student: Arun Parajuli : University of Edinburgh

Year Award Started: 2016

Pneumonia remains an enormously significant and highly under-examined cause of global childhood mortality. Poor nutrition serves to worsen this issue by acting as a major contributing factor in the incidence of and mortality from infectious disease in developing and developed countries. The project involves production of a systematic review analysing existing evidence regarding the effect on incidence and mortality pneumonia in low and middle income countries by low birth weight. It seeks to examine the significance of this interaction in causing ill health as a means of highlighting the need to address this major source of morbidity and mortality-particularly in low and middle income countries.

Research area: Respiratory conditions


Professor Harry Campbell
Centre for Global Health Research