Improving the sensitivity of a novel PIM kinase-targeted therapeutic agent, CXR1002, through identification and modulation of cross-talking pathways

University of Dundee

Student: Sumanth Iyer

Year Award Started: 2012

PIM protein kinases are a group of highly related signalling molecules that normally regulate the growth and survival of cells. Failure of cells to regulate these molecules occurs in a range of diseases including cancer. The development of drugs that inhibit these molecules offers the potential to block the contribution PIM kinases make to the development of disease. Defining pathways that interact or cooperate with PIM will improve understanding of basic disease processes. Defining approaches to improve sensitivity to the recently-developed PIM inhibitor (CXR1002) should benefit continued clinical trials and, ultimately, effective patient treatment.

Research area: Cancer


Dr David Meek
School of Medicine
Dr Neil Kernohan
School of Medicine

Concept Life Sciences (the trading name of CXR Biosciences Ltd)