Does high intensity intermittent exercise increase fat oxidation post exercise in females?

Edinburgh Napier University

Past award

Student: Mhairi Docherty : Edinburgh Napier University

Year Award Started: 2015

Current physical activity (PA) guidelines (>150minutes exercise/week) are under scrutiny, with ‘lack
of time’ reported as the most common barrier to exercise. It has been argued that PA guidelines
focus on individuals already active and are discouraging and over-ambitious for inactive groups.
Increased levels of PA can reduce the risks associated with the leading causes of death worldwide:
cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes and respiratory diseases. With physical inactivity costing
NHS Scotland an estimated £91 M/annum. High intensity intermittent exercise training (HIIT) is a
time-efficient mode of exercise with emerging evidence shown to improve health outcomes in
patient populations.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Dr Melanie Leggate
School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences