Gender differences in the stiffness of the heel pad during in vivo loading and unloading

University of the West of Scotland

Past award

Student: Emma Yates : University of the West of Scotland

Year Award Started: 2017

This project will investigate the stiffness of the heel region of the foot in both male (10) and female (10) participants. The heel region of the foot also regarded as the heel fat pad is organised and designed to bear stress and dissipate shock associated with activity. Some examples of functional activities that the heel fat pad responds to include walking which is performed on a daily basis by humans. Markers will be placed on the heel region of the foot, while motion analysis cameras will be used to determine the structural properties of the heel fat pad when the heel is on and off the ground. Although, movement patterns will be recorded and analysed over the summer; force and muscle activity data will also be simultaneously collected but analyses during the summer vacation scholarship will not be possible. A pilot study is planned just after the summer that allows the research vacation student to continue with more data collection, processing and analyses using novel techniques.

Research area: Musculoskeletal conditions


Dr Ukadike Ugbolue
School of Science and Sport