Is FoxG1 expression activated in midbrain and hindbrain neural stem cells when they are expanded in vitro?

University of Edinburgh

Past award

Student: Puay Lee : University of Edinburgh

Year Award Started: 2014

Brain tumours are driven by cells that display characteristics of neural stem and progenitor cells. The Pollard laboratory is studying how gene regulatory processes that are used during development in the construction of the forebrain operate in adult brain cancer. This project will assess whether the forebrain specific transcription factor FOXG1 is activated when midbrain and hindbrain stem cells are cultured in vitro. FOXG1 may be important in providing susceptibility to transformation of normal cells into brain cancer cells. Therefore if we can expand FOXG1 negative midbrain and hindbrain derived neural stem cells, then we can in the future test directly whether FOXG1 is a critical factor underlying brain tumour susceptibility.

Research area: Cancer


Dr Steven Pollard
MRC Centre for Regnerative Medicine