First pass perfusion bolus timings as an additional diagnostic tool in cardiovascular MRI

University of Dundee

Past award

Student: Catriona Rooney : University of St Andrews

Year Award Started: 2017

Cardiac MRI is an established technique that plays a central role in the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with ischemic heart disease. During first pass perfusion, a bolus of contrast agent transits the chambers of the heart and myocardium. Currently, the transit times of the bolus are not included in the cardiac assessment. We believe that these timings may offer additional diagnostic information. The aim of this work is to provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment of bolus transit times in healthy volunteer and patients with ischemic heart disease in order to assess if bolus timings improve diagnosis and the risk stratification of patients.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Dr Shona Matthew
Molecular & Clinical Imaging