Extending multi-photon imaging beyond the Ti:Sapphire laser wavelength range using a Raman wavelength converter

Univesrity of Strathclyde

Past award

Student: Jan Schniete : University of Strathclyde

Year Award Started: 2015

Imaging is a critical tool for biomedical research. For imaging of live tissue, we need to image as
gently as possible, using low powers and longer wavelengths. This is because short wavelengths
cause damage to tissue. Longer wavelengths also scatter less away from the intended light path,
allowing imaging deeper into tissue. In this project we will develop a simple and easy to use light
source, based on Raman scattering in diamond, which generates wavelengths suitable for long
wavelength (multi-photon) imaging. Such a source would potentially allow use of long wavelength
multi-photon imaging also outside the university research labs

Research area: Other conditions


Dr Johanna Trägårdh
Strathclyde Institure of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences