Evaluation of the potential use of leptin mimetics in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease

University of Dundee

Past award

Student: Ana-Maria Ristoiu : University of Dundee

Year Award Started: 2014

Clinical studies have identified a link between leptin levels and the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Leptin is also neuroprotective in rodent models of AD. Thus leptin-based therapies may be beneficial in AD, but leptin treatment may not be the best approach due to its widespread actions. However, different parts of the leptin molecule are responsible for its diverse biological actions. Thus development of small peptides that mimic the brain actions of leptin is a novel therapeutic strategy. In this study we propose to identify the region/s of the leptin molecule responsible for its anti-AD properties using electrophysiological approaches.

Research area: Neurological conditions (including stroke)


Dr Jenni Harvey
Division of Neuroscience