Evaluation of electrochemical biosensors for protease activity detection: optimisation of sensing film configuration

University of Edinburgh

Past award

Student: Derick Liew : University of Edinburgh

Year Award Started: 2016

The proposed research project is linked to a 5-year EPSRC-funded project entitled Implantable Microsystems for Personalised Anti-Cancer Therapy (IMPACT) which ultimate goal is to deliver an implantable platform able to optimise cancer treatment by means of monitoring the tumour microenvironment. The system will integrate sensors able to give information about the tumour status which will allow to optimise the delivery of radiotherapy. The development of more sensitive sensors will benefit from obtaining more reliable information.The present project aims to optimise the performance of a biosensor that has been already reported by the team.

Research area: Cancer


Dr Eva Gonzalez-Fernandez
School of Chemistry