Effect of toxicants on nkx2.5 gene expression and cardiac development in zebrafish

Heriot Watt University

Past award

Student: Jade Middlemiss : Herriot-Watt University

Year Award Started: 2015

Heart disease affects many people across the world and is often caused by environmental or genetic
factors causing abnormalities in heart formation and development. This project seeks to further
explore the role of the transcription factor nkx2.5, which is known to be important in playing a role
in heart development. This gene is highly similar in humans and zebrafish, making zerbafish a
perfect model organism with which to explore how nkx2.5 expression may be affected by toxicants
and also to characterise how this will then effect the development and growth of the heart.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Dr Theodore Henry
School of Life Sciences