Development of microfluidic devices for use in personalised medicine research on cancer biopsies

Univesrity of Strathclyde

Past award

Student: Hannah Wright : University of Strathclyde

Year Award Started: 2013

A major drawback to the development of personalised therapies for cancer is the lack of sufficient biopsy material for testing anticancer treatments. The aim of this project is to develop novel drug screening methods for cancer based on the use of microfluidic devices, which allow the control and manipulation of fluids on a small (sub-microlitre) volume. This approach could allow the assessment of a wide range of drugs on single-cells in a miniaturised and controlled environment. This could be highly advantageous for the efficient analysis of patient samples and for the general development of personalised tumour treatment.

Research area: Cancer


Dr Anthony McClusky
Strathcluyde Institute for Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences