Characterisation of AZD8931 resistant HER2 positive breast cancer cells

University of Edinburgh

Past award

Student: Joanna Main : University of Strathclyde

Year Award Started: 2013

HER2 is a protein that is expressed on around 20% of breast cancers and many studies have shown that if you inhibit the function of HER2 that you can prevent the growth of breast tumours which express HER2. Drugs that target HER2 are used routinely in the treatment of breast cancer. However, the main problem is that resistance can develop to these drugs. AZD8931 is a drug in clinical development which inhibits the function of HER2 and in this project we will identify the ways in which resistance to AZD8931 develops which will help to optimise the use of this drug and maximise the benefit to women with HER2 expressing breast cancer.

Research area: Cancer


Dr Valerie Brunton
Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre