An assessment of the relationships between global longitudinal strain and infarct characteristics in patients with recent non-ST elevation myocardial infarction.

University of Glasgow

Past award

Student: Nicole Burke : University of Glasgow

Year Award Started: 2016

Non-ST elevation heart attacks are the commonest heart attacks affecting the general population yet have a worse outcome compared with ST elevation heart attack. They have also been studied less extensively Our group has recently completed a study looking at patients with this type of heart attack using state-of-the-art cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 106 heart attack survivors had MRI within 1 week of the heart attack. In this Vacation Scholarship, we propose to 1) analyse heart muscle strain and compare the data with the size of the heart attack and its characteristics and 2) compare the data with heart strain data from 80 healthy volunteers who also had an MRI scan.

Research area: Cardiovascular conditions


Professor Colin Berry
Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences