An investigation of nanotopographical cues for osteosarcoma research

University of Glasgow

Past award

Student: Lauren Hope : Universtiy of Glasgow

Year Award Started: 2018

Osteosarcomas are devastating bone cancers most commonly affecting adolescents and young adults. Cells are influenced by chemical and physical stimuli in their microenvironment. We will identify topographies upon which cancer cell viability will be affected and normal cell viability remains unaffected. Cell morphological changes based on sarcoma/normal cell growth on nanotopographical patterns will be studied. Metabolomics (study of cell metabolism by mass spectrometry) will be used to understand pathways involved in cancer and normal cell surface selectivity. We will use this approach with cancer cells to find biochemical targets for cancer-specific reduction in motility/proliferation or increases in apoptosis.

Research area: Cancer


Professor Matthew Dalby
Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology